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I am a daughter, sister, wife, fur-mom, aunt, loyal friend,

mountain biker, swimming enthusiast, and full time photographer.

My photographic studio is at my home in Tokai, Cape Town, South Africa.

I grew up in Harare, Zimbabwe and have been living in

Cape Town, South Africa since 1987, which means

I am "allowed" to claim my "Capetonian" status with glee.

My interest in photography has been with me since

my 1st Kodak Instamatic camera as a child.

Old Kodak instamatic camera



I hail from a passed career of 13 years in the Flexographic printing industry which serves the food packaging world. I was recognized as the "go to person" for the technical side of Flexographic Finished Art. This is where my desire to create beautiful images came from. All to often I was faced with working miracles on images that had been supplied, yet in reality, definitely far below a decent standard.

2010 was the year for my transition from Finished Artist to Photographer. Attention to detail was a skill that was second nature for me in the past and now I carry it with me, with pride, into my photography projects. I will admit to having a need for perfection, or as close to.

Lisa Daubermann portrait

Product photography was, and is, a natural fascination, for obvious reasons. I jumped right in to the deep end after being commissioned for Radox bottle images by the designer of the Radox ranges from the company called Sara Lee. Even though I had a super awesome DSLR camera, along with the high end lenses for product photography, my lighting in those days was 100% DYI creations. All used in a make shift space at home. This did not matter to me. I was determined and focused to be the best I could. We all know the "studio space" used is not what counts when the images created in the space are stunners.

Speaking of studio space....

I have my own studio as of November 2020.

Cannot express how excited I am about it.

I will admit that the whole world changed for everyone in 2020 due to Covid-19. It affected many negatively and some positively. For me, I had to make a plan to create a studio space at my home because of Covid-19, and the resultant huge Lock Down across the country.


Long story short, building started in August 2020, and I moved my photography equipment in to my brand new studio space in November 2020.

Lisa Daubermann in studio working
Lisa Daubermann's studio
Lisa Daubermann's in the editing office

Being an animal lover, and having an uncanny way in my understanding of cats and dogs, it was so natural for me to add Pet Portraiture to me repertoire. Personally I had never really admired any "outdoorsy" type pet portraits before.  In fact I still don't, dare I say.  I am only interested in seeing "the animal" without those busy backgrounds.

This is why, on 1st June 2011 I created the style I specialise in today. Plain black background and exquisite detail. I realise this style is very specific and may not be everyone's cup of tea.  The idea behind this approach is to capture the animal in their purest state, and then creating framed art pieces.  Digital files for social media, and instant gratification are far from my to do list. My long standing, loyal clients are on the same page.

Lisa Daubermann fun happy portrait
Lisa Daubermann fun happy portrait

So then, why do I add Corporate Portraits in to the mix you may ask?

The business world is a comfortable space for me. I feel the need to assist entrepreneurs and established business people to show their real selves in the business world, yet at the same time, represent themselves professionally. Showing their trustworthiness with their online presence.

Why should you hire me?


Details, no matter

their size, will form

part of your Story.


Like minded.

Ethically honest.

Appropriately approachable.



Brand trust.



Team Player

I become a

Team Member,

yet a separate

business to yours.



Thanks! Message sent.

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