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Pet portraiture, how it all happens

Being an animal lover, and having an uncanny way in my understanding of cats and dogs, it was so natural for me to add Pet Portraiture to me repertoire.


On 1st June 2011 I created the style I specialise in today. Plain black background and exquisite detail.

I realise this style is very specific and may not be everyone's cup of tea.  The idea behind this approach is to capture the animal in their purest state, zero busy backgrounds, and then creating framed art pieces.  Digital files for social media, and instant gratification are far from my to do list. My long standing, loyal clients are on the same page.

let's do


Pricing for Pet Portaiture

The above mentioned rates are for your studio photo session only.

All printing of art works is ordered A LA CARTE after your session.

let's do


Lisa Daubermann with a finished product

Order your printing and framing directly from Lisa.


Full quotations are supplied for your personalised printing projects.


Digital Negatives are not released to the client.

Kruger family installation
Kruger family diningroom installation

Digital image files are not archival, and their lifespan cannot be guaranteed until


Lisa Daubermann with a final art piece
Client with her final art piece ofJAGO
Mr PAYNE with his final art piece
Mr PAYNE with his final art piece



Thanks! Message sent.


let's do


How do I book my session with you?

The best way to book your session is to get in touch with me: send me an email, call me, send me an sms, send me WhatsApp message.

Why are the booking fees payable in advance?

To reserve the studio for your session and confirm your booking.

Why are the session fees non-refundable?

​To cover expenses incurred when a session does not go ahead.

All session fees and vouchers are non-refundable. If you have paid session fees but cannot come to your session, you will forfeit the payment in full. With prior notification you may pass your booking on to a friend to use. If you have bought a voucher as a gift for someone, and the gift receiver does not use the voucher, or does not pass the voucher on to a friend or family member or the voucher is lost, the fees involved are forfeited.


If you have participated in a session with me and find that you are unhappy with the results because the animal subject did not co-operate well on the day, you will not be eligible for a refund. You may book and pay for a new session. I will never present a client with images that are of a low standard as far as quality goes. However I have no control over the conduct of the subject in question.

May I pay the session fees via EFT?

Yes you may pay via EFT. When paying from a banking institute other than Standard Bank, please allow 3 working days for your payment to land. Always supply a proof of payment via email or sms generated by your banking institute to secure your booking

I do not use internet banking, so may I make a payment in cash?

Yes you may pay with cash. You may make an arrangement to drop the cash off with me prior to your booking.

Do the session fees include my printing and framing?

No it does not. Printing is always extra because everybody has different requirements. Some people like one large canvas vs others who want multiple framed prints. This is why everybody’s projects are very individual and are treated as such. This type of work is very personal which means I cannot include printing in the session fees for this exact reason. The only common denominator between clients in this whole process is me, my camera, my studio and the session fees. Everything else is totally different every time.


If I do not order my printing via the Online Ordering System, why do you require a full payment prior to my printing and framing order being processed?

It is the same as buying anything online. I have had clients who order printing and framing and then either do not pay at all but expect to pick up their prints, or the order is simply not collected. Strange but true.

When is the payment of the final printing invoice due?

It is due immediately prior to the ball rolling on your order.

What happens if I need to cancel or reschedule my booking?

Cancellations without rescheduling will lead to the forfeiture of your booked session fees in full. I highly recommend rescheduling. A minimum of 5 business days (Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm) notice is necessary to cancel or reschedule a session. One free reschedule is permitted per booked session. If you have already rescheduled once and need to reschedule again, I will retain your original session fees in full and ask that you pay another session fee to secure a new date.


In the unlikely event that I (the photographer) am unable to attend your scheduled session, I will let you know as soon as possible and reschedule for the next available date. I do hold my clients above all else, however there are sometimes unforeseen circumstances whereby I do fall ill or have emergencies that could prevent me from attending a session.

May I pass my booked session on to a friend if I cannot make the appointment?

Yes you may with prior arrangement with me.

Is it possible to see the images directly after the session?

I shoot in the professional format called RAW, therefore post production is required and immediate viewing is not favourable or possible. As a rule I do not show unfinished work.

When can I expect to see the images after the session?

With Pet Portraiture Sessions your images will be ready 2 to 10 working days after your studio session. I will communicate with you once your private Online Gallery is ready for viewing.

How much time do you allow me to make up my mind on my printing order?

The maximum I allow is 2 weeks (10 working days) after your Online Gallery goes live. Thereafter your sessions images will be deleted if no printing orders are received.

How long will my images be archived for on your system after my session?

If you place a printing order to the minimum value of R600, you will be rewarded with 12 months of archiving.

Without a printing order, your digital images will be disposed of after two weeks from your live online gallery.

Full minimum spend is R1550. (R950+ R600)

This is a time line showing the worst case scenario you can expect for your pet portraiture to be completed:

  •  Day 1                1 hour photo session

  •  Day 2 - 11         2 to 10 working days for image preparation. A private Online Gallery will be created for you

  •  Day 12              View your images ONLINE in your private gallery

    •  Day 13 - 27       Clients are given max. 2 weeks to plan and decide on their printing order

  •  Day 27 - 28       Place your order via the Online Ordering System. For specialised sizes, Cost Estimate is supplied

  •  Day 29              EFT Payment prior to printing and framing commencing

  •  Day 30 – 40      Printing & framing takes 7 to 10 working days. Full payment prior to collection.

Do I receive the Original Digital Negatives - High Resolution digital images?

I do not supply the High Resolution digital files. I supply a full printing service to bring your images alive.

The reasoning behind this is I must control the quality of the end product at all times. The end product is a direct reflection on my work. In the negative and film days, the client would never ask the photographer to hand over the negatives from their photo shoot session. It was accepted that all printing would be organized by the photographer. I stand by this today.

An example: you would not ask Woolworths or a chef at a restaurant to give you their recipe for their pie or bread you like so you may bake it yourself at home.

I would like you to see where we are going to hang our prints so you can help us decide on sizing etc.

Please send me a photograph (can be from a cell phone or digital camera) of your wall space, inclusive of an A4 sheet of paper taped to the chosen wall space. Be sure to include the surrounding furniture in the photograph. Otherwise I would be happy to visit your home for an hour to help make these decisions @ R250.

Do you only photograph pets in the studio type setting with studio lighting etc?

Yes I do. I have a very particular style. I am proud to create the most amazing images of your pets which have the most exquisite detail. The portraits I create are original art pieces and should be valued as such. I do have a portable studio setup which can be brought to your home. However for 100% best results, I recommend coming to the studio. Home visits are used in extreme cases of pet nervousness, or for those who do not travel well or like strange places.

What if my pets do not behave or sit still for the photographs?

I rely solely on your abilities in understanding and controlling your pet/s. I do not handle your pets. There are no guarantees for a successful session, this lies purely with you and your pet.

Equipment damage or injuries during your session:

You will be held liable for all costs incurred as a result of any damages to equipment or injuries to the photographer or the assistant caused by yourselves or your animals.

Model Release

By having a session with Lisa Daubermann Photography, all clients must assign and grant Lisa Daubermann Photography the irrevocable and unrestricted right to use and publish photographs of The Client/Pet or in which The Client/Pet may be included, for editorial, trade, advertising and in any manner and medium; to alter the same without restriction; and to copyright the same.

The Client hereby releases Lisa Daubermann Photography and assigns from all claims and liability relating to said photographs. It is agreed that Lisa Daubermann Photography may display and use the photographs taken for advertising and any other purpose thought proper by Lisa Daubermann Photography.

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